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AOP 151 stretchLIFT type
fully automatic packer



  • Pallet: 1200 x 800, 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Wrapping height: max. 2000 mm
  • Weight on pallet: max. 1500 kg
  • Capacity : 25-45 pallet/h
  • Film width: 500 mm
  • Inner film roll diameter: 76 mm
  • Conveyor height from the floor: 400mm



  • Screen: SIEMENS touch screen
  • Press-buttons: SIEMENS / KLÖCKNER
  • Contactors: SIEMENS / KLÖCKNER
  • Thermic overload: SIEMENS / KLÖCKNER
  • Safety relays: SIEMENS / KLÖCKNER
  • Border-line contact: SICK
  • Sensors: SICK
  • Photocells: DATALOGIC / SICK
  • Frequency inverter: MITSUBISHI / LENZE
  • Motors: SEW / LENZE
  • Gears: SEW / LENZE
  • Pneumatic: FESTO
  • Electrical cabinet: RITTAL
  • Display: SIEMENS



  • Pre-programmed CPU SIEMENS S7 200
  • Diplay SIEMENS OP7
  • Electrical cabinet RITTAL
  • Film overlaping adjustment
  • Setting of top and bottom wraps
  • Graded or continous film carriage movement
  • Normal or cross – spiral wrapping programm
  • Programm for anti wether wrapping wit top sheet dispenser – option
  • Automatic pallet height sensing with photocell
  • Rotation table stop in in starting position
  • Wrapping speed adjustable with frequency inverter
  • System for film welding with teflonised bar
  • System for film end blowing
  • Quick load system for simple and quick film loading
  • Film pre-stretch 140, 200, 320%
  • Film tension between palett and film carriage adjusted on control tableau
  • Automatic control of film unwinding velocity with frequency inverter·

Rotating table speed adjusted with frequency regulator


  • Rotating table soft start and stop



  • 2 m high safety fence
  • doors protected with safety micro switch and lock
  • emergency stop key mounted on control cabinet and at the doors
  • automatic stop in case of film breaking or film
  • safety photocells on exit and entry conveyor
  • grade of protection by CE standard IP 54



  • Energy saving
  • Film capturing device enables firm and secure holding of film end
  • Film welding against teflonised bar and not against the pallet
  • Regulation of welding wire temperature
  • High capacity top film dispending (option ADF 110) without wrapping cycle interruption
    (with anti dust protection – top sheet dispenser stands in front of wrapping machine)
  • Programm for anti weather protection (option ADF 120) – top sheet dispenser is placed
    on the side of the machine.
  • System for top film blowing or mechanical holders secure the top film position during

Automatic power pre-stretch system POWER 2000 for film pre-stretcm


  • Quick load system for simple and quick film loading enables film change in 30 seconds
  • Control tableau with alfa-numerical display for machine condition review and easy
  • Simple operating with the machine
  • Possible adjustments for machine build in exsisting transport lines
  • Essential packaging costs reduction


AOP 151 Compact

Pallet wrapping machine is equipped with automatic system for film capturing, cutting and welding.
Safety fence is palced around the machine, doors are controled with safety switch.
System operation supervision on control cabinet with alpha numerical display with system for error

Automatic Power pre-stretch system for optimal film consumption and maximum savings.
Safety photocells on entry and exit in accordance with CE regulations.
CE mark.

Automatic Power pre-stretch system – POWER 2000

With this system all stages of film pre-stretching are improved. The system allows constant film
pre-stretching at 140%, 200% or 300%, where considerable film savings are achived. With this
stretching method the film is evenly put onto the pallet and therefore wrapping quality is much
better. With all manners of wrapping (also at uneven parts of pallet, different shapes of load) the
film always stays evenly stretched thus making wrapping easier and and more effective.
Outgoing film speed and rotating table speed are controlled by frequency inverter enabling even
greater film savings. Film loading onto carriage and its insertion in pre-stretch system is very easy.


Control tableau

Control tableau with multifunctional alpha-numerical display enables communication between
machine and the user.
Simple application system enables machine reseting, wrapping programm choice and manual
activating of all machine functions.
In case of error, auto-diagnostic system displays cause of error and helps user in error abolition.
If the user has trouble in error abolition, the secondary help system suggests method for error



Loaded pallet arrives on entry conveyers (not part of machine) onto roller conveyer on the
machine. Pallet is positioned in the middle.
At this time rotating table is still, film capturing device holds the end of the film.
Wrapping cycle starts automaticaly. Film carriage is mounted on colmun. Soft start (and stop) of
rotating table is standard equipment. Normal wrapping cycle beggins on the lower pallet edge with
low speed. After the first pallet corner acceleration of rotating table begins and achieves the top
speed. At the stoping the speed reduces gradually until complete stop in starting position.
Pallet wrapping can begin and stop in any position depending on choosen programm.
Top and bottom wraps, speed of film carriage movement depend on choosen programm.
At the begining of wrapping the film capture opens and enables complete pallet wrapping. Film
end blowing system blows the film end at the moment of wrapping under the film wrap.
At the end of wrapping film capturing device captures and holds the film end. Film narrowing
device narrows the film in welding place. Welding takes place against the teflonised bar and not
against the pallet. Hot wire cuts the film, welding system moves back and wrapped pallet is
transported out of the machine.


All machine functions are completely automatic.


Top sheet dispenser ADF 110
Top sheet dispenser ADF 110 is placed in front of AOP 151 Compact machine
Top sheet dispenser ADF 120
Top sheet dispenser ADF 120 is placed at the side of AOP 151 Compact machine.
Pallet lifting on wrapping place
Pallet lifting system is integrated in the pallet transport on the wrapping place. Pallet is lifted during

System enables complete wrapping of goods together with pallet.
Pressing unit for unstabile loads
Pressing unit for stabilisation of unstabile (light) goods on the pallet during wrapping cycle.
Device is equipped with automatic height determination.
· Thermal protection of all motors
· Protection with fuses