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For Shrink foils correct soldering and cutting


  • Additional roller mounting with foil put-in device
  • You can spare places with foil roll case
  • It is ideal for variable pallet height
  • Length counter device (to set foil lenght is very easy)
  • Fast and clean foil soldering-cutting
  • It is moveable


Flexible using possible by 4 heavy duty rollers


  • Easily using
  • Maximum working witdh 1500 mm
  • Sturdy length counter
  • Electrical foil welding




Technical datas


Max. Cutting width
Working height app.
Max. foil thickness to weld
Welding width
Max. foil roll diameter
Capacity up to
Electrical power
1500 mm
850 mm
4 x 0,2 mm
4 mm
500 mm
200 bags / hour
220 V, 50 Hz


  • Second roller case
  • Lenght gage