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Stretch wrapping machine OP 161 Twist with rotating arm


Most flexible packaging machine. The goods are standing still during packaging. Perfect
packaging from light, sensible or heavy products.
Working cycle
Pallet is positioned under turning arm. Worker must fasten film on the pallet.
He then presses the “START” key.The program can be arranged by
costumer.Worker tears the film after the end of wrapping . Pallet is ready
for un loading.

Technical specifications


  • Pallet 1200 x 800, 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Pallet weight No limit
  • Film stretching Electrical brake
  • Wrapping height Max 2200 mm
  • Covering regulation Gradual
  • Computer regulated SPS (pre-programmed) SIEMENS S7 200
  • Control pannel TOUCH SCHREEN
  • Motors LENZE
  • Gears LENZE
  • Determination of several wrapping layers at the bottom and at the top
  • Gradual and continues film sledge movement
  • Programmable time of foil carriage stop/movement
  • CE
  • 24 month warranty to parts
  • Simple or cross-spiral wrapping programm
  • Programm for top film
  • Capacity Cca 35 Pallet/Hour
  • Automatic height determination Photo cell SICK
  • Turning arm stop in starting point STANDARD
  • Variable rotation speed with frequency regulation



  • Safety photocell – TURNING ARM STANDARD
  • 10 additional programms STANDARD


POWER 2000 ELECTRICAL FILM PRE-STRECHING with 3 easy changeable
different pre-stretch grades 160, 200 or 300 %, with oscilating roller for
adjustment of pressure force on pallet corners.
Easy film loading system.

to 320 % (max. from 1m to 4,2 m) with oscilating roller for
adjustment of pressure force on the pallet corners. The pre-stretc ratio is
adjusted through control panel. The preset ratio is shown on display (0 –
Easy film loading system.
Top clamp –electrical