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Rotating Stretch wrapping

machine TWIST 2

Sturdy column construction with rotating
wrapping arm. Fixed foil seal system
installed near the conveyor; Lifting up an
down of the foil carrier and the rotation
speed of the wrapping arm can be controlled
by frequency inverter.


there’ll be an evenly packaging of the palett.
After the wrapping cycle the foil will be cut
and sealed automatically.


Advantages of this machine type


  • The palett needn’t to be turned during
    the wrapping cycle. Because of this,
    there’ll be no pinches.
  • The palett loading can’t slip during
    the whole wrapping cycle.
  • Different palett sizes and height can
    be used without any modifications.
  • For an increased safety of the
    packaging good, the palett can be
    The palett will be lifted with a special
    table. (Option).
  • The sealing is not at the packaging
  • With an integrated top sheet
    dispenser, it is possible to get a
    packaging which protects the goods
    against rain and dust. (Option).
  • The plant is space-saving and also
    integrable in conveyor systems –
    also afterwards.
  • Comfortable electronic control unit
    Siemens S7.


The palett will be moved to the Rotating
wrapper bei conveyor system and exactly
By rotating of the rotating arm around the
palett and lifting of the foil carrier at the same time,

Technical data


  • Machine dimensions (lenght, width,
    height) 3500 x 3000 x 3500 mm
  • Palett sizes from 1200 X 800 mm up
    to 1200 X 1000 mm (Standard)
  • Palett weight depends on the
  • Palett height: 150mm
  • Palett hight with load: 2000mm
  • Conveyor height from the ground min.
  • Max. Velocity of circulation: 19 rpm
  • Capacity 25-50 Paletts/hour,
    depends on the Palett height,
    wrapping program, conveyor speed,
    using a top sheet



  • Palett height detection by photo cell
  • Foil cut device
  • Foil sealing
  • Rotation speed controlled by
    frequency inverter
  • Regulation of the foil speed
  • Motorized pre-stretching
    (140%, 200%, 310%)
  • Foil tension can be controlled
  • Quick foil change system

Foil wagon:

  • Pre-streching It depends on the set
    (140, 200, 300)
  • You can set the pre-streching
  • Foil winding: motor drive with
    frequency changer
  • To change foil rolls: mechanical
  • Foil roll max. diameter: 300mm
  • Foil roll width: 500mm

Turning arm:


  • Driving with driving motor
  • Starting and stoppage: with frequencychanger (you can set it)
  • The numbers of max. turning: you can set it on.

Foil wagon:


  • Driving with driving motor
  • Starting and stoppage: with frequency changer (you can set it)
  • Starting and moving speed: you can set it on.

Electric connection:

  • Standard connection: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 fázis
  • Warning and control circuits: 24 V
  • Electromotor safeguard: CE szabvány
    IP 54

Pneumatic connection:


  • Working pressure: 6 bar
  • Air use: 250 Nl/Min.
  • Security: CE szabvány IP 54.
  • Handling panel


  • Motorized pre-stretching „Power 3000“ (up to 400%)
  • Automatic corner protection
  • Foil bundling device
  • Top press device to fix the packaging good
  • Palett conveyor within the plant,
    motorized, length: app. 3000 mm,
    height: ca. 450 mm (Standard)
  • Integrated top sheet dispenser,
    automatically adaption for different
    palett heights
  • Blasting device for controlled
    wrapping of the top sheet
  • Palett lift station for palett
    understretching (option)
  • Security fence with electric locked
    door and security photo cell at the
    entrance and exit of the machine