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OP133SW – Shrink LIFT

Technical datas

Shrink height
Machine height
Maximum palett weight
Foil thickness
Gas type
Operating pressure app.
Palett sizes

Shrink time

Siemens control unit, touch-screen
Security components according CE + German BG
Gas components according CE + German DVGW
Special options possible

2000 mm (Standard)
3070 mm
1800 kg
50 – 200 μ
natural gas, propane gas
12 mb– 200 mb
800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200 mm
(Euro and industrial paletts)
5 kg Propane gas / hour
app. 60-120 sec. / Palett





  • Also available with electrical heaters
  • Aprroaching ramp
  • Frame device
  • Fully automatic version


  • No outside flame
  • Individual shrinking for almost every kind of packaging good
  • Perfect undershrink
  • Variable top and undershrink time
  • Variable program for exact settings
  • Undershrink beams moveable, for different palett sizes
  • Proved electrical heater burners
  • Flat turntable


The hand/fork lift truck is sufficient to load the pallet. The pallet is placed on the pallet turntable. After the
shrink bag has been placed over, the adjustable turntable starts moving and the high performance
burners ignite. During the first pallet revolution the shrink film is being shrunk to the bottom of the pallet.
The shrink device within the ShrinkLift then starts ascending (free programmable Siemens control). The
rotating pallet is shrunk partially, giving a completely shrunk pallet once the shrink device reaches the top
of the pallet where it commes to a halt, either by means of an electric eye or a stopping point. Energy
is saved by rising heat, because you start shrinking at the bottom. After the final revolution on the top of the
pallet the turntable stops and the pallet can be already transported.


  • Gas control
  • Flame control
  • Rotation control
  • Collission protection

Electric shrink machine